Bathroom renovations  are so popular today as more people are choosing to renovate their homes rather than spending more money in relocating to bigger properties.  We are registered with the Victorian Building Authority as builders and we have the expertise to provide you with a bathroom renovation that you will be proud off.


As most bathroom renovations projects are over the sum of $10,000 the answer is Yes, you do, especially if you are thinking of demolishing a wall or adding a wall as these involve a professional builder in analysing whether these are achievable.

Extensions and renovations costing more than $10.000 require a major domestic building contract as per the Victorian Building Authority Guidelines.

The builder is also required to provide domestic building insurance for any work that’s over $16,000 to cover the client in the event the builder disappears or becomes insolvent.

The builder must also provide a certificate of currency for the insurance before they can take a deposit and start building works or start any building maintenance.

If you are wanting to knock down a wall and other renovation work on your property then our trades person requires to be registered with the Victorian Building Authority and a building permit will be required.

Many builders or trades people will ask you to sign a building permit as an owner builder as they are trying to hide their legal responsibilities and if you do, you may end up paying a lot more in the end, just beware!

As many clients have hired contractors or trades to conduct building renovations on their property, only to find out when there is a problem that the person that they employed was not registered and that legally they were not allowed to start any building works.

Bathroom renovations typically will require combined services of a number ot trades ie:

  •  A cabinet maker
  •  A carpenter
  •  A painter
  •  A Electrician
  •  A tiler

All of the above trades are required to be licenced.

A good bathroom renovation builder will be happy to help with your bathroom design and make suggestions to stay within your budget.

Contracts for the work MUST be in writing.  Contracts must contain all the terms, conditions and provisions of the agreement, show the date and be signed by both parties.  An oral agreement is not sufficient to comply with the Act.

Before a home building work contract is signed by the owner, the Act requires the builder to provide the owner with a copy of the ‘Notice for the Home Owner’,  which summarises the requirements of the Act.

Whether you want a building renovation or advice on knocking down a wall or creating your dream kitchen and new bathroom renovations then give George a call -we are the professional building/inspection experts throughout all suburbs in Melbourne.

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